Welcome to Falmouth Football Registration!

Welcome to the 2023 Falmouth Football Season!!!

Below are some important details and dates to be aware of as we prepare for the season. 



  • May 1st – Registration opens for all levels. Early bird registration is open from May 1st - May 31st. After this date, the registration fee increases by $25. 
  • July 31st – Registration closes.
  • June/July – Pre-season workout program for the high school team.
  • June 16th, 23rd, 30th – Speed Camp for Middle School (upcoming 7th and 8th graders) and High School Players
  • July 22nd – Football Camp for Youth and Middle School Tackle teams
  • August 1st –14th – Blackout period. No team activities.
  • Week of August 15th – First week of practice. You will hear from coaches prior to this date. Younger levels may start a week later. Please do not let youth football get in the way of your summer vacation plans!


Registration Fees

Register using the link at the top of this page.


  • High School (Grades 9-12) - $225
  • Middle School (Grades 7-8) - $225
  • Youth Tackle (Grades 3-6) - $225
  • Flag Football (Grade K-5) - $150
  • Youth Cheer (Grades 3-6) - $225



We need volunteers at all levels. If your child is signing up for cheer, flag or youth football, please consider helping out as a coach.  We need you!  Without coaches, we won’t be able to get our kids out on the field!  In addition, everyone in the program is asked to volunteer to work at the snack shack during a high school home game. We staff the snack shack with youth, flag, cheer and middle school parents for the high school games so that when your child is playing in high school, you can enjoy the whole game from the stands.  We will also need volunteers to work the chains at all levels.  



Equipment and uniforms will be supplied by Falmouth Football. However, at the middle school and youth level, football pants are not supplied by the program and will need to be purchased on your own, for each player.  We recommend that you purchase football pants with integrated pads, and pant color should be white.  Players/parents are also responsible for bringing a mouthguard.  We recommend having a spare mouthguard available as players will not be able to take the field without a mouthguard. Additionally, Falmouth Football gear (hoodies/shirts/hats/etc.) will be sold on our website.


Youth Cheer (Grades 3-6)

We are incredibly excited to bring back Youth Cheer this year. It will be offered to grades 3-6 to cheer and perform at 3/4 and 5/6 tackle team games.  There may be some opportunity to perform later in the season at a varsity home game and with some growth, form a team that competes against other cheer teams.  Practices will likely be held twice per week, back-to-back, to help accommodate our soccer athletes.  The hope is that we will be able to get some team members on at least 1 out of the 2 practices per week.  Uniforms will be provided by Falmouth Football, however, briefs, bodyliner, and sneakers will be a parent cost.  An email with links to these items will be provided at a later time. We feel the Youth Cheer program will be a great presence in our community and schools, and show off our town spirit!


Fundraising & Sponsorship

Aside from the registration fees, which do not fully cover the cost of running our program, fundraising is critical for raising the remaining funds required to maintain our program at all levels. Our main fundraisers this year are Snap Raise, the snack shack, and our digital game day program.  


Snap Raise

By now you, have likely seen other local sports, including football, raise money through Snap Raise.  It is web-based, doesn’t involve going door to door, and is a simple way to raise funds for programs like ours. Yes, this involves your children asking friends and family for money to support the program, but it is an effective way to raise much-needed funds.


Snack Shack

The Snack Shack is open for all varsity home games and is run by volunteers from all levels of the program. The schedule will be released once we get closer to the season. We expect 5-6 homes games and could include any playoff games and possibly a pre-season scrimmage.  We will be asking each level to staff the Snack Shack for one game. Cheer, Flag, Youth, Middle School, and JV parents will all have designated games in the snack shack.  Our local EMS team has always graciously volunteered for a game as well. As the season approaches, expect to hear from the boosters and your coaches about which game your level will be covering. We thank you in advance for volunteering!


Digital Program

One of our biggest fundraisers has always been the High School game day program (now digital) in which we sell advertising space to local businesses. We also encourage parents to purchase a page in the program to support the team and their player.  If you would like to support Falmouth Football through the game day program, or if you are aware of a local business that could contribute, our players and coaches would be extremely grateful.  There are different levels of support and any amount would be appreciated.


Admiral: $1,000 – Admiral sponsors receive:

  • an ad in the digital Game Day Program
  • are able to hang a banner at the stadium from August to November
  • will be recognized at all home games by our PA announcer
  • will be listed as a sponsor on our website and in the program
  • will have their logo scrolled on the home page of our website

Captain: $750 - Captain sponsors receive: 

  • an ad in the digital Game Day Program
  • are able to hang a banner at the stadium from August to November
  • will be listed as a sponsor on our website and in the program
  • will have their logo scrolled on the home page of our website

Wheelhouse: $500 - Wheelhouse sponsors receive: 

  • an ad in the digital Game Day Program
  • are able to hang a banner at the stadium from August to November
  • will be listed as a sponsor on our website and in the program

Anchor: $250 - Anchor sponsors will receive:

  • an ad in the digital Game Day Program
  • will be listed as a sponsor on our website and in the program


Please contact Morgan Camplin ( if you or someone you know is interested in supporting our program.


Playing Both Youth & Flag Football

Every year, a few players would like to participate in both flag (K through 5th grade) and youth tackle (3rd through 6th grade) football at the same time. If you are interested in having your child play both, you are welcome to register for both programs (both fees would apply). Please be aware that there may be unavoidable scheduling conflicts causing your child to miss games in either flag or tackle. If your child is signed up for either flag or tackle and would like to switch to the other, please inform your coach or contact the boosters.


Social Media

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Falmouth Football Boosters

The Falmouth Football Boosters support all levels of Falmouth football, from kindergarten flag to high school varsity football. Your volunteer board members are Morgan Camplin, Todd Ross, Katie Madden, Amy True, Scott Booth, Gary Howard, and Ginger Hicklin.  We welcome Ginger as a new board member this year. Ginger will be overseeing the new Youth Cheer program (Grades 3-6). We appreciate her time and commitment in getting this program back up and running!


Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and successful season for all involved. If you have any questions or concerns, large or small, please do not hesitate to reach out to any member of the board or to our President, Morgan Camplin, at


Thank you all for your support.  We’re looking forward to another great season at all levels!!

Scholarships and Payment Plans:

Scholarships and/or payment plans can be arranged through the Falmouth Football Boosters. All requests will be held in the strictest confidence.

To request a scholarship, click on the Email Us button below to forward the request directly to the Falmouth Football Boosters stating specifically if you are requesting a full or partial scholarship. We do ask that you sign up to volunteer additional hours in exchange. Thank you for understanding.