High School Football

Program Overview

Here you will find an outline on the yearly timeline on Falmouth Football for each season & our overall program philosophy.

Program Philosophy:

The Falmouth Football program philosophy is based upon 3 simple core values. Positive Attitude, Attention to Detail, & Sense of Urgency. We express this with a simple acronym. A.D.U. We believe in building and maintaining genuine and trustworthy relationships between coaches and players. This will always be at the forefront of our program. We believe when you have a personal relationship with the person next to you, you will keep them accountable, and it will be hard to allow each other to fail.

The varsity program will be about putting the best 11 football players on the field for each situation, and will be the only program in which not everyone will have the opportunity to play in each game. Varsity playing time will be dependent on a combination of talent, skillset, trustworthiness, & effort. JV games will be about offering opportunities to all players who didn’t have the opportunity on Friday night. The most important thing to understand about our program is that no player’s value is dependent on their playing time. They are a valued member of our team because they are on the team. Everyone has a place in our program. Falmouth Football is about building a program that all past and present Navigators can be proud of. 


Yearly Outline:


The winter and spring will consist of weight lifting opportunities two days a week for returning players.  We utilize a comprehensive functional strength program, centered around physical development and injury prevention. Weight lifting is a critical investment each player needs to make in order to achieve his highest playing potential. Workouts take place at the high school weight room, after school.  All lifting sessions have a certified coach present to provide instruction and ensure players are utilizing safe practices. As part of our workout program we will make sure there is no conflict with other sports’ teams, and needs for their respective athletic season. Teams are built in the off-season, and we must prioritize our workouts in order to be the best team we can be.



At the conclusion of the school year we will begin our summer program.  All players will have two days of team activities. These will consist of lifting, on-field workouts, and schematic installation. We will build our bodies and minds throughout the summer, In addition, we will participate in some 7 on 7 competitions. In addition we will have Offensive and Defensive Lineman workouts incrementally throughout the summer. We will also have a Youth Night where we will be intentional about spending time with each and every Falmouth Football player K-12. That date will change year-to-year based on availability. The first two weeks of August are the no contact period for coaches.  Players are encouraged to stay connected and continue activity on their own during that “Hands Off” period. Finally, double sessions start on Monday of the third week of August and last for two weeks.  During the second week of double sessions we will have a scrimmage with another team on late Monday afternoon and that Friday night we will have an exhibition game. 



Regular season starts immediately at the conclusion of preseason.  All players practice together Monday through Thursday from 4:30 to 6:30pm.  On Thursday evenings, we will have a team dinner after practice. At team dinner we will have pre-game announcements, as well as weekly awards announced.  Our varsity games are played on Friday nights with a variety of start times. Our JV team travels with the varsity team for all games and depending on how the game goes, some JV players may have varsity in-game opportunities. The JV team plays its games on Monday afternoons at 4pm.  The JV team plays the JV squad of the varsity we played on the previous Friday night.  On Saturday morning, we will have a team meeting, position meetings, and film session for all the players where we review the previous game and introduce our upcoming opponent. The film session starts at 9:30am and concludes at 11am. We compete in Class B North. The playoffs run through early November and the state championship is played at Fitzpatrick Stadium in Portland on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It is understood by all players and staff that team activities are our first priority in the fall and any and all absences but be discussed and approved by the coaching staff.