Falmouth Cheer

In 2023, we created a new cheer program at the Youth Level (Grades 3-6). It was a huge success and we are excited to continue building this program again. For 2024, we are expanding to Grades 1-8. We welcome any volunteers who may be interested in helping out.



To entertain, develop socialization skills, encourage community development/philanthropic fundraising skills, crowd participation at games, empower, inspire and motive EVERYONE.

All participants will develop coordination, strength, flexibility, confidence, individual excellence, and community & team spirit.  Teamwork will be emphasized while individual goals will be set.  Skills will include verbal cheers, dance combinations, cheer combinations, stunting and gymnastics.

Youth Program

Cheer (Grades 1-3, Grades 4/5/6, Middle School 7/8)

We are incredibly excited to expand our Youth Cheer programming this year.

It will be offered to Grades 1-3 as a practice squad opportunity, Grades 4/5/6 who will cheer and perform at the 5/6 youth tackle games, and finally a Middle School squad (Grades 7/8 ), to cheer and perform at the Middle School tackle games and even some Varsity High School home games! Uniforms will be provided by Falmouth Football, however, briefs, bodyliner, and sneakers will be a parent cost.  An email with links to these items will be provided at a later time. Our season begins in late August, and games extend into November.  Teams will consist of 15-20 members of all ability levels to ensure the teams are as successful as possible.  The Falmouth Cheer program has already become a great presence in our community and schools.  We hope your child joins us this coming fall season.  No experience necessary!  See below for more team-specific information:

“The Skippers”-Grades 1-3

  • Practice- Mondays 5:30-6:30 indoors @ FES gym

  • Bow & practice uniform included

  • End of season performance

  • 15 Spots

“The Commanders”-Grades 4/5/6*

  • Practice- Mondays & Wednesdays 5:30-7 indoors @ FES large gym

  • Perform at Homecoming Halftime during FHS Varsity Game- date TBD

  • Cheer at 5/6 Youth Tackle home & away games within a 30 min radius

  • Custom “Falmouth Navs” game day uniform

  • 20 Spots

“The Captains”-Middle School-Grades 7/8*

  • Practice- Mondays & Wednesdays 5:30-7 indoors @ FES large gym

  • Perform at Homecoming halftime during FHS Varsity Game- date TBD

  • Cheer at 7/8 Middle School home & away games within a 30 min radius

  • Cheer at FHS Varsity games (Home/Friday nights only-4 total)

  • Custom “Falmouth Navs” game day uniform

  • 20 Spots

   *The Commanders & The Captains require a TWO practice per week commitment.  In order for our cheerleaders to confidently learn a game day routine, learn their cheers, and maintain safety standards during our stunts, it is important to be present at practice. While there are plenty of Falmouth fall sports to be involved in, we believe “Cheer” is an exceptional environment for kids to become their all-around personal BEST.  Cheerleading is an excellent avenue for athletes to learn self-confidence, goal setting, teamwork, communication skills, sportsmanship, and develop life-long friendships.